Align Your Teeth for a Straight, Perfect Smile

Improve your oral health, bone health, and the look of your smile with Dr. Choe's Dental. Our orthodontics treatments will get you smiling your perfect smile. Our solutions are perfect for both adults and teens. Come in and visit us at or Banning, CA office for a consultation and examination. We'll instruct you on what is right for your teeth and get into the process. You'll love all of the options available to you with our dedicated team of orthodontic dentists at the wheel.

Straight Wire Braces

If you're looking to straighten your smile without the look and feel of traditional braces, Dr. Choe's Dental has the solution for you. Straight wire braces consist of using flexible wire that straightens your teeth by placing pressure to move them in the correct direction. Our orthodontist will place a bracket on each tooth which, once secured, will be used to connect the straight wire to them. Straight wire is becoming an increasingly popular method for straightening teeth as it does the work of traditional braces with more clean, natural look. For more information on our straight wire braces, call us today at 951-849-4649.
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Invisalign — Braces in Banning, CA

Invisalign Braces

Straighten your smile without the worry of metal braces. Invisible braces provided by Dr. Choe's Dental will align your smile and fix virtually any of your other oral alignment issues. Ask about invisible braces on your next visit to our office. Or, give us a call today at 951-849-4649 to discuss this solution for your teeth.
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